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Advantages of the online-SKN for dog trainers

Which advantage does the online course offer to SKN dog trainers in Switzerland?

Sometimes a dog trainer has a participant that he cannot help perfectly, maybe due to the following reasons:

  • The participant may not understand the Swiss-German that is being talked in the course.
  • The participant would rather study in his mother language, in one of the languages we offer here: German, French, English or Italian.
  • The participant is dying to buy his dog tomorrow, but the next classroom course is a long way in the future.
  • The participant does not like the course times, maybe work prevents him from having free time.
  • or the participant would just like to study the course material on his own with his own speed and, therefore, prefers the online course.

We are still looking for qualified dog trainers to work in our forums. Especially in west Switzerland and in Tessin, but also in different regions in the German Switzerland. Here you can get to know over 100 new dog owners every month that want to find a trainer for their SKN practical course. If you are interested, please contact us: Contact Us


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