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How do I get access to the online dog training school?

How do I get access to the online dog training school?

After purchasing the course, you will receive an email with the invoice. Attached you will find a description of how to enter the course classrooms of eLearnings. You can start your studies within minutes after the purchase, even if you have not paid yet.

Do I have to take the course in one setting or how much time do I have?

Everyone studies at their own pace. Especially since one may already know (almost) everything and the other is just a beginner. Additionally there are different grasp techniques and language knowledges. All that does not matter in the online course: the fast one will not be stopped by the slower ones and the slow one will not be set under pressure. The attention span is also different. For some people it is easy to concentrate for 4-5 hours and take course in one sitting, others take it one hour per week, until they come through with great success after 1-2 months. The course also be looked at as a "stopgap" and be enjoyed during little breaks. No problems at all. The learning system supports it all. People are all individuals and situations even more so. Some people only find time at night to study, others can only concentrate on new things in the mornings. The young mother cannot leave her child alone, the business man has no time to lose. All profit with the online course. We make it right for everyone. 

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