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teenagers at the age of 12

teenagers at the age of 12

How old does the dog owner need to be to participate?

There is no set minimum age for the course visit and the receipt of an expertise certificate in the Animal Protection Ordinance. The BVET has set the following recommendation:

The courses for acquisition of the expertise certificate shall give the animal owner the theoretical and practical basics, in order to keep the animals in a humane manner and lead the dogs in public respectfully. The youthful participants, therefore, must be at an age at which it is possible for them to follow the content of the courses and the meaning of the legal duty connected with animal husbandry, as well as the responsibility towards the animal.

The BVET assumes that teenagers at the age of 12 are usually capable to follow theoretical and practical courses about the correct handling of animals, or rather convert the gained knowledge into the daily life. It is recommended to let teenagers at the age of 12 participate in the training courses and to give them an expertise certificate after completion. Younger participants can can be given a participation confirmation instead of an expertise certificate.

With teenagers under the age of 16 - alike with the acquisition of an animal (Art. 110 TSchV) - the signature of a parent shall be obtained. At this opportunity, the parent should be informed that with the participation of their child, they are not exempt from their own training duty as an animal owner.

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