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Advantages of an Online Course

Advantages of an Online Course

Welpe nach der GeburtOur internet-basede-learning system makes it possible to study toward completing your Attestation of Competence (SKN) with little effort, anytime and anywhere.

Indeed, using e-learning or an online course demonstrably makes the experience of acquiring theoretical knowledge more playful and intense than it would be using traditional methods of teaching.

Even though in our e-learning system there are no tests that you can fail, as one would find in a conventional school system or in a driving test, we do offer clever multiple-choice tests that allow you to self-assess, as well as giving you the opportunity and encouraging you to come to grips with the material. If you fail a test you can take another look at the material and retake the test as often as you like, until you can pass it fully.

I will below briefly list the many advantages of an online course over traditional, classroom-based systems:

  • Participants gain a deeper understanding the material, to the benefit of their dog.
  • The course can become more enjoyable through participation, feedback and the many pointers that can be picked up in the self-assessment tests.
  • One can have additional fun by making use of the educational games, that are integrated into the course.
  • The course material is divided into mandatory parts (should not take more than 4 hours to complete, according to the requirements of the law) and optional parts, that allow for a deeper understanding of the material. One could say that they are a special gift to our students: a cherry on top. A classroom-based course could never offer something similar; Self-employed dog trainers don't make enough in the four hours as is.
  • 3 Tage altes HundebabyEven after completing the course participants retain access to the material and can look up any information they may have trouble recalling.
  • Participants are divided into groups according to regions. This allows participants to use the e-learning system to already begin forming friendships with qualified dog owners that will certainly extent into "real life outside the internet" and will ultimately benefit their dogs. - There is a participant-forum for every region that participants can use to exchange questions and answers.
  • Speed! Participants can start with this online dog school course immediately after booking it in the shop on this page (even before receipt of payment!). Dog trainers on the other hand often provide fixed commencement dates for their next theory course. This date can be months away, as they need a sufficient number of participants in their region before running the course becomes financially viable.
  • This advantage (once you have decided to take the course you can start it immediately) also meshes more closely with the reality of buying a puppy: It is often the breeder who informs the buyer of his legal obligation to complete an SKN (Attestation of Competence). What can be done if the next available theory course only starts in 6 weeks? By then the puppies should have long been sold. - So breeders may tend to 'forget' checking for SKN-certification to avoid spoiling their business.
  • Questions submitted by participants will be added to a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) that will be indexed and that can be searched. The full FAQ will be maintained and be made available to future participants of the course. This will allow us to answer many more questions from participants and the dog trainer will have enough time to find the best possible answers. In a more traditional teaching environment there is always the danger that too many questions will put the trainer off his stride or cause the course to run longer than was intended. Perusing the FAQ however is not mandatory and studying it need not be counted against the obligatory 4 hours of training.
  • 10 weeks old Australian Shepherd
  • The glossary and dictionary work in a similar way. All words included in them will automatically be linked in the texts of the teaching material. This will help balance out participants' different levels of knowledge: Those who already know a term do not need to look it up; participants who are unsure about a term can just click the word in question and immediately a window will pop, providing the correct definition. - Unbeatable. In a more traditional training environment the trainer's flow of speech can be interrupted every time a participant who doesn't know a term asks for a definition. As a result there are only slow and fast winners in e-learning, but no losers. On the other hand in a more traditional system it is hard to avoid the formula: clever cookies = graduate vs. less educated = fail the course. – This aspect alone shows just how much superior e-learning is when compared to outdated methods of teaching.
  • Moreover the course material is illustrated with many high-quality pictures: because a picture is worth a 1000 words. Most dog trainers cannot provide a similar service. We are also, for a later version, planning to shoot videos that will be shown as part of the course.
  • And there is a further advantage if the Attestation of Competence is actually completed before buying a dog - and not as is still common practice "in a hurry after the fact" (and seriously, who would sue breeders and dog owners for that!?). Participants who follow the proper order can make use of our guide to buying a dog: This guide will help buyers avoid accidentally purchasing the wrong breed of dog or unwittingly picking up a problem dog from the animal shelter that will just end up back on the streets.
  • The online course is available in German, English, French and Italian. This will make it easier for many foreigners in Switzerland, in addition to Ticinesi and Romands, to navigate the course: Traditional courses on the other hand are often held in Schwyzerdütsch, making it hard even for foreigners who have taken German classes to follow the lessons. With written materials in four languages most foreigners will have a foundation to build on to competently learn the material.
  • The online course also allows participants to avoid a commute to and from the course, saving petrol costs and possible expenses for food and drink (should the course be held - as so many are - in the backrooms of a pub).
  • Participants can work on the online course whenever they have the time and feel ready to learn. Many traditional courses are held in the evenings. While this allows the fully-employed to attend it also means that they may no longer be as receptive as would be desirable. With an online course it is, for example, possible to learn, well-rested on a weekend.
  • And last but not least: An online course can of course be offered at much lower rates, as resources can be utilized more economically. And that without being 'cheap', at a much higher level of quality! Practically at half price.


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