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Goals of the Club

This webshop as well as the online dog training school with the SKN theory course is run be a non-profit organization:

The „Association Suisse der Hunde-Trainer for e-Learning“(the Swiss Association for dog trainers for e-Learning)

Excerpt from out statutes for your information: :


The purposes of the club are as follows: :

  • To promote animal protection by telling the people which needs our pets have and how these pets are humanely integrated in our lives. It is about promoting the dignity and welfare of our loved ones.


Dignity in this context refers to the intrinsic value of the animal, that needs to be watched when dealing with it. The dignity of an animal is not respected when the burden on the animal cannot be justified by overriding interests. A burden is present when the animal suffers from pain, suffering or damage, when it is frightened or being reduced, when its appearance or ability is profoundly intervened or it is excessively instrumentalized.

The welfare of the animals has been given when::

1.  the keeping and feeding are in such a way that their body functions and behavior are not disturbed and they are not overwhelmed with their ability to adapt.

2. the humane behavior is guaranteed within the biological ability to adapt.

3.  they are clinically healthy,

4. pains, suffering, damages and fright are prevented;

Whoever keeps animals needs to comply to their needs in the best way possible and care for their well being.

The ill-treating, neglecting or unnecessary overexertion of animals is not allowed. 

Whoever keeps or watches animals has to feed, care for them, give them the necessary  occupation and movement as well as accommodation. 

Realization of the purposes of this club

The purposes set in this statute will be realized especially through:

  1. For this purpose the club shall create, for example, the possibility for first time dog owners to complete their obligatory training (SKN-theory course) for a great value for money.

  2. The theoretical expertise (SKN) has to happen  before the obtaining of the dog according to the Animal Protection Act. Since acquisitions of such pets are, unfortunately, still very impulsive and spontaneous, an SKN- theory course must be offered all the time so that the expertise certificate can be obtained on short notice. Otherwise the point of the law - bringing a lot of theoretical knowledge and good reasoning into the decision to buy - goes missing. 

  3. The club runs the websites for this reason to contact dog owners, to inform them about statutory duties, to win them for training and to train them on eLearning sites and in personal courses.

  4. The club can include qualified dog trainers as partners from all cantons, to not only offer a high quality online dog training school but also to promote the contact between first time dog owners and their local dog trainers, so that more practical training sessions can be planned.

  5. Spreading of information through the press and PR work. 

  6. Care taking and extension of the community through organized meetings, i.e. events. 

  7. Management of funds and resources of the club. 

  8. The club is authorized to develop all with the law and purpose compatible activities to the realization of its task.


The club exclusively and directly follows non-profit purposes. It is run selflessly and does not follow own economic goals.

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